3 thoughts on “Old Pali Road

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    When we were married and went for first time to Hawai’i, this was still the only road over the mountains from Honolulu to Kailua, Oahu. We lived there for three years, and drove that road often until it seemed as familiar as the back of my hand. Now the Pali Highway is much better, safer–but it doesn’t have the thrills of that old road, or the sense of being embedded in the eucalyptus forest. I taught in Honolulu for three years, and my students had marvelous stories about the old Pali Road, stories that I haven’t seen in any books of Hawaiian stories and legends. But my students were clear. Do not carry pork in your car over the Pali, because if you do, the Menehunes will stop your car and will not let you continue your journey until you toss the pork out to them. I wonder if today’s Oahu high school students have forgotten the old stories. I hope not. For me they made life richer and more interesting.

    • My husband grew up in Kailua, Oahu, and as a teen worked in Honolulu. He drove that road at least five times a week. Amazing. And aloha to you.

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