Every Year I Live–Trees

I took this photo because I was so enchanted with these trees

I took this photo because I was so enchanted with these trees

It seems that every year I live I discover new things about being alive. Actually I could say every day, but only once a week is my discovery either significant enough to remember, or one that hasn’t occurred to me before. 

One recurring discovery is how much I love trees. I love winter trees because you can see the different structures of various species at different ages. One of my favorite trees is this one, with the great pods. I’m not sure what this one is; maybe Lowell knows, since



we took this photo somewhere on Oahu.

I know what this tree is, though, and it’s probably my favorite: the banyan in the park across from what used to be Lincoln School in Honolulu where Lowell went to grade school. 



We have trees in our Montana yard now; two Spring Snow Crabs which are all done blooming for this year, a Fat Albert spruce which is not very fat, a cherry which so far has produced maybe five cherries) but more to come I’m sure, one whose name I have forgotten, and my prize elm tree. I understand that elms are not common in most of Montana, but this one was bred to do well in this climate, though I worry about the trees that used to do well here, since we don’t seem to be having the kind of winters we used to have.

I’ve read studies suggesting that older people do better when they’re in neighborhoods with trees, and I believe it. There are big trees not too far from here, but none close by. But ours are growing and our neighbors have some that are growing too. It’s a joy to watch them grow and develop year after year.

Let’s hear it for the beauty, shade, and general health offered by having trees nearby as among the best of friends. As Joyce Kilmer wrote:

      I think that I shall never see

      A poem as lovely as a tree….

A poem lovely as a tree.


One thought on “Every Year I Live–Trees

  1. I love your post about trees. I don’t know what kind of tree has all those pods. The pods look like haole koa, but are bigger than haole koa pods, and the leaves are round and fleshy, not “filmy” like haole koa. Filmy is not the right word.

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