A New Day at Limestone Ledge


I woke up at seven this morning, and of course the hospital staff was already going about its collective business, a little faster, a little noisier than than before seven. A couple of nurses came in and woke Lowell up a bit after the hour; time for him to be awake and thinking about breakfast.

I’m at my desk staring out over the busy street, six floors up. Commuters and early commercial vehicles are flashing past–for a long time when we were first up here I sat by the window watching to see how many cars had sunroofs or whatever they’re called no. The answer is: many. I’d say about 40% of those that pass under this window, though that’s a guesstimate. I even see sunroofs in some pickups that look like personal vehicles.

In the meantime my sweetheart is babbling about going to Midori’s for tempura. Now, I am…

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